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Moving towards our goals together through support and collaboration is at the heart of our corporate culture. It is through our professional expertise and unwavering support for our team that we've emerged as a trusted IT partner for today's corporate sector.

If you’d like to be part of our dynamic team, explore our current career opportunities!

Recruitment process

In the description below, you can find out what steps you will go through if you start a selection process at Mikrum: 

You can apply to us in the following ways: Mikrum website, LinkedIn and headhunters.
If you apply for our ad on our website or on LinkedIn, you will first speak with Mikrum's HR, who will introduce you to the company and the position, and ask you about your previous experience. We also work with headhunting companies, so if your application comes through them, the first round of interviews will take place with them. We are in constant contact with them, so we share all important information with each other.

For certain positions (e.g. Software Engineer, Project Manager) we use online tests compiled by our expert colleagues. Their goal is to assess your professional knowledge.

After the HR round or the test, the professional interview usually takes place, where you meet the manager(s) of the given area.

The opinion of the team is very important to us, so the last round is usually a personal team fit discussion, where you can get to know the members of your future team and get to know the work environment.

If you went through the entire selection process and we would like you to be Mikrum's new colleague, we will give you a written offer. If you accept, the entry process can begin.. 😊

We at MIKRUM provide a comprehensive execution of custom IT solutions with a focus on business value. We work with companies whose extensive customer base, corporate size, or specialized activity necessitates the development of unique solutions.

Our hallmark lies in providing solutions for clients requiring complex approaches, diverse services, and customized support.

We understand the importance of value creation, regardless of the businesses’ needs’ complexity, with reliable support that extends from initiation to beyond deployment.

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