Custom Application Building Platform


With a completely new approach, the Berries Custom Application Building Platform combines the advantages of low-code development and the flexibility of individual developments with the business advantage that no license fee is associated with it.

MIKRUM believes in the necessity and power of unique developments and is always available to its customers in the field of completely unique developments.

When this is possible, we recommend using the Berries Platform instead of greenfield developments in order to make individual developments more efficient.

Ready, usable components

  • authorization
  • menu system
  • task basket
  • configurable workflow engine
  • error handling
  • business logging
  • Pre-made, flexibly assembled components that can be customized in a unique functional environment serve for efficient implementation.

More than a technological tool

This platform not only provides ready-made services, but also brings with it a methodology and approach that allows us to deliver a demo system or a customized prototype faster.

In this way, the client can exercise greater control over the project, and with fewer development iterations, we can respond more quickly to the needs that arise during the process.